Why Town Shouldn’t Have Approved SCI
by Ken Eyring, Windham NH

“On June 4, the Windham Board of Selectmen approved Windham’s participation in a $100M Federal Planning Program that is designed to ultimately produce a Land Use and Resource Planning document that will greatly diminish our property rights, redistribute wealth, and ensure equal outcomes – not equal opportunity – for every person all across America.

The program is the Sustainable Communities Initiative (HUD/EPA/DOT). By participating, Windham will become an accomplice to aiding the Federal government in producing a blueprint to transform our Democratic Republic to one of Central Planning under the guise of Regional Land Use and Resource Planning.”

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The contract Agreement is comprised of the following instruments. To make it easy for the reader, many areas of interest are highlighted.

1. HUD-1044 and HUD-1044 Continuation Sheet(s)

2. Grant Agreement Terms and Conditions

3. HUD 424-CBW, Total Budget Summary

4. Grant Deliverables (See HUD 1044 Continuation Sheet)

5. Grant Application Work Plan/Logic Model (Tasks within Work Plan are considered deliverables)

6. OMB Circulars A-87 (2004), A-133 and A-102, which is incorporated in 24 CFR Part 85

7. Office of Sustainable Housing Communities (OSHC) Program Policy Guidance

8. Notice of Funding Availability (FR-5500-N-33)

9. The Granite State Future Agreement

10. Grant Application Narrative Statement

11. 2010 NH Analysis of Impediments

12. 2012 Livable Walkable Communities Toolkit

13. LWC Toolkit’s Appendix A