by Ed Naile

Remember Vanessa Sievers the Dartmouth student from Montana who won the Grafton County Treasurer position then – abandoned it?

At the time, a Dartmouth Loudmouth named Zachary Gottlieb (almost all of them are named Zachary or Josh) issued this revealing statement about the Super-enfranchised student treasurer:

“Our taxes don’t go to public schools; our money doesn’t pay for the roads here; we do not truly consider ourselves Grafton County-ites. When people ask where you go to school, you say Dartmouth. You never say you’re from Hanover, but some far-off place you call “home.” And by voting for one of our carpet-bagging compatriots, we’ve done Grafton a great disservice.”

~ Zachary Gottlieb, Dartmouth College Newspaper on the election of a non-resident to the office of Grafton County Treasurer.

Zachary makes an excellent point, doesn’t he?

What Zachary is trying to put into words in his feeble way is: Because we are Dartmouth Loudmouths, as well as entitled, elitist, Super-enfranchised students, we are better than you and your stupid state.

What has Zachary done since exposing his inner-stupid with his questionable Dartmouth education?
Apparently – nothing.

I love this one:

Zachary Gottlieb

Dartouth and Cornell

Here he gets a mention for his sex column, although Zachary looks like he has never had a female in his dorm room who wasn’t trying to escape.