by Ed Naile

Treasurer for Grafton County, Vanessa Sievers, was asked to resign by vote of the Executive Committee meeting on Monday, April 19th, 2010 (of which Sievers missed).

CNHT had questioned the residency requirement of Sievers, who is a college student and also spends a lot of time in her home state, Montana.

According to newspapers accounts, she has had chronic absences and hasn’t posted anything on her website since August of 2009, something she set up with the promise of keeping people up to date with the doings of treasurer. Residents of the County had questions about her ability to do her job.

NH has had chronic problems with out of state voting and once in a while some even get elected to office and end up having to resign after residency requirements are challenged.

Vanessa Sievers asked to resign – missed 8 out of 15 meetings.

“I think primarily [the Executive Committee] was concerned about [Sievers’] attendance,” Michael Cryans, a Grafton County commissioner, said in an interview with The Dartmouth.

Sievers, whose term as county treasurer is scheduled to end in January 2011, told The Dartmouth that she will not resign. She plans to contact the county commissioners and other county officials to ask them to change their decision, she said.”