Due to a clerical error, the Dunbarton School District has discovered an extra $1,059,000.00 in their budget.

The School Board wants to retain that $1,059,000.00 and use it to “lower” taxes over 5 years instead of returning this money to the taxpayers in one year.

Under RSA 197:3 they do not have the grounds to do this. This is not an emergency and therefore, the residents of Dunbarton feel the School District lacks the standing to file a Petition for a Special District meeting with the court.

The hearing will be on 7/17/2018 at 10:00 AM.

If you want more details, please call JR Hoell at 315.9002

Petition for Special Meeting

Letter to Goffstown Residents

At a high level the Goffstown/New Boston/Dunbarton SAU overtaxed the citizens during the years of 2007-2014. Goffstown and New Boston returned the excess taxes. Dunbarton seems to think that the school board is smarter than the citizens and wants to ‘protect them’ from the ‘harm’ of wild tax rate swings. [what ever that means]

Motion to Intervene

Motion to Dismiss

Updated Filing 7-17-2018