by Louis Archambault – Rochester, NH

What will it take for people to realize local and state officials, etc., target the most vulnerable, to maintain their “thief-dumbs”?

Politicos rely on endless scheming to promote long standing fake ruses that “it’s for the children.” It’s often only much later (if at all) that we find out the intended funding has been diverted to other entities listed on their “Priority Chart.” They long for control, and they have, at least for now, use of their full time employment in city government, to develop new twists to their agendas in an “ever (r)evolving paradigm”.

Elected officials, along with their “traveling merchant minions” (i.e. not locals), want to fill their coffers with money by “fleecing the sheeple”.

“Sheeple” was the term used routinely by a former Dover Mayor, about people in general, being “mindless followers”. Nice huh? NO – Not at all!

These are “my” nonnegotiable priorities:

– The Family
– Childhood
– Safety

So, between a small Ice Cream Shop and a Sandwich Shop, a “Pay to Park Kiosk” was set up a month or so ago.

I had been helping my wife out of our vehicle, and after getting her standing comfortably, I noticed a “Parking Enforcement Specialist/Technician” (PEST) who was standing by a vehicle. He was using his Gizmo Tablet(?) to record some “Violator’s Vehicle DNA”. He roamed that parking lot like that last FLY of summer.

(I realize he needs to maintain a job, and does what he needs to do, to live.)

I looked over and asked him, “Can I park here if I’m just going over to get an Ice Cream?” His reply: “SURE — if you buy a ticket”. (OMG!)

Then he told me of some “FREE” parking a few streets over…

YOU have got to be (*)ME! Needless to say we didn’t stay.

It was Thursday at 5:45 PM and the streets were empty. The shop was closing in two days for the season. I would surmise that next year, Dover’s hierarchy could say, “Well, we were doing this last year!” I remember another version of “word play” by this man who set the bar:

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is…” ~ Bill Clinton

I can only imagine what the City of Dover “extracts” from this seasonal business for taxes, services and fees, to operate there. Eventually, this will affect what businesses can pay their employees. What will the work force be comprised of, if these workers realize it’s NOT Cost Effective to even be employed there?

You know. This particular “kiosk” makes for great teachable moment for parents to “indoctrinate” their children in good citizenry during their most formative years.

It would go something like this, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM:

OK little (*o*) before we go to buy some ice cream, we have to purchase a “Time Specific and Inclusive License” (TSIL), in order to thank the City Government for making this business available for us to enjoy some limited quality family time together.


Who is likely to use after hour parking after 7:00 PM? OH! That’s right, restaurants, bars, entertainment and various combinations of the same.

Dover suffers from “Part Time Socialist Delusion Syndrome.” Yup… PTSDS!

Make “Pay to Park” a 24/7 requirement. This will level the playing field across the board.

“Handicapped(?) Tags” are really for the convenience of access to facilities. Using the “tag” at night for dining and entertainment is a moot point. Someone who’s “differently abled”, and is going out for dining, beverages etc. should also contribute to the general fund.

Does the State of NH “exempt” meal and room taxes, or better yet Easy-Pass for seniors? NOPE!

There are positive benefits to 24/7 parking fees:
– It would increase Municipal Revenues
– It would require 24 hour 7 days a week Meter Monitor coverage.
– The city could employ more Meter Monitors
– There would be an increase in visual assessment coverage of the
downtown area.
-Take a “Pro-Active” approach to stabilizing inner city Conflict Resolutions.
– Full time Police Officers could expand their duties and responsibilities to
the rest of Dover’s Citizenry.

It’s a WIN / WIN for ALL! Am I right?
“It’s for the Greater Good!” Am I right?

I did have a reality check though. Imagine my chagrin as I stood behind, what I believed to be a family of “Minions,” at the Kiosk.

Those people there at the window, were the last customers of the season.