by Lou Archambault, Rochester NH

Taxpayers, think about this when you finally get your Rochester Tax Bill.

There was a time when we received the tax bill “before” elections. Then we began receiving them after the election. Now, to my great surprise, (not) we will receive our bill after they “unanimously” doled out a 3.75% pay raise to Rochester City Manager Patrick Fitzgerald.

A raise of about $5,000.

Perhaps the entire Rochester City Council felt he was a victim of Wage Stagnation?
This sum should help with his self worth.
I’m fully aware the City Manager has to eat too!

Can Merit Raises be far behind for for other city departments?

A number of us realize the city operates under a Socialistic umbrella.
I ask you, is it time to realize Potentates don’t consider themselves part of the class of people they believe they rule over?

I mentioned the amount the City Manager will now receive to a fairly new homeowner. He was speechless, other than to say, “doesn’t the city manager already make enough?” I guess our entire City Council doesn’t.

It was also a nice touch to include the salary of the Dover City Manager, to make us feel we’re thrifty.

Perhaps Santa Claus will deliver it on December 24th and be due in full, by the 31st.

NEWS UPDATE: Reports are the Tax Bills will be going out on Friday Dec 11.
Alas, a two day cooling off period before offices reopen on Monday.

Rejoice All