There is always some news story about spending caps in New Hampshire, most of it about how bad they are.

The term “spending cap” is always turned on its head to become a “tax cap.”

But we can lump them together if you want. Chalk it up to intellectual laziness and propaganda from anti-spending cap reporters and officials.

The one thing that will always ring true is that spending caps work – if the powers-that-be want them to.

You know what American city doesn’t have a spending cap?

If you guessed (D)etroit you would be correct.


Oh, but (D)etroit is going to get a “spending cap” oh, yeah they are!

An “emergency manager” of their bankruptcy is going to level some sorely needed “reforms” upon the bastion of liberalism.

That is a “spending cap” if anything ever was.

I would imagine that the “spending cap” proposed in (D)etroit will come with some higher taxes on the few remaining individuals who still call the city their home.

That certainly isn’t a “tax cap” now is it?

See the difference now?

One way or another, if you live in a municipality that likes liberal spending and borrowing you may see a spending cap first hand, like it or not.