Thanks to Rep Jeannine Notter (Hills 19) for this update.

1. HB 442 – Medical marijuana passed with a division vote

2. HB 329 – Parental Notification passed 256-102

3. HB 513 – We killed the suicide bill 234-99

4. HR 7 – Directing the house judiciary committee to investigate whether grounds exist to impeach marital master Phillip Cross and/or any justice of the NH superior court passed 242-105

5. HB 133 – NH Minimun wage will be same as the Federal passed 239-106

6. Increase Minimum Wage killed 238-89

7. HB 341 – Local spending caps passed 257-84

8. HB 374 – Banning corn-based ethanol as an additive in gas sold in NH overturned the ITL (kill)
87-237 so it passed

9. CACR 12 – This is a constitutional amendment relating to funding of public education. Veto-proof passed 252-113

10. HCR 11 – Get US out of the UN passed 189-107

11. HCR 12 – Repeal NAFTA passed 172-124

12. HCR 9 – “Don’t touch my junk” passed with a voice vote.

13. HB 218 – Repeal Rail Transit Authority passed 190-119

14. HB 540 – Did you know that 30 states do not have car inspections at all? We have them EVERY year! We voted to have them once every TWO years passed 234-101

15. HB 156 – Reduces the rates of the tobacco tax passed 236-93

16. HB 213 – Reduces business profits tax passed 233-75, but we had to table it to save for later.

17. Repeal tax on gambling winnings passed with a voice vote

18. HCR 13 – Gold Standard needed 2/3 to pass. The vote was 164-90

19. HCR 15 – Ordering our Federal Senators to vote against the UN’s “Law of the Sea Convention” also failed because we didn’t have enough people still there to vote. We needed 2/3. The vote was 207-47

Thanks to Rep Robert Rowe (Hills 6) for this additional info…

– HB 524 passed correcting last year’s law that allowed for automatic early release from prison of persons convicted of violent or sex crimes. The bill also restores the power of the Parole Board.

– HB 337 was passed. This insures all towns the same state educational funds in each of the next two years as received this year. This will allow budgeting stability to our school districts.

– Killed was HB 577, a bill that would have mandated in-store aisle markings in as many as six languages in retail establishments.

– Killed HB 569, a bill that would have establishes homosexual domestic unions between siblings, father son etc.

– HB 609 passed insuring that the Milford District Court will remain open.

– HB 147 passes the House making it a capital murder for a killing during a home invasion.

– HB 210 passed allowing a person to use deadly force when faced with the threat of serious bodily injury or death. Current law mandates force only used if retreat is impossible.

In the next few weeks there will be debates and votes on the state budget. At the present time the economy and state revenues are such that we will be facing a budget deficit as much as a $600 to 800 million. To balance the budget for the next two years, cuts to the budget will be necessary in the range of 15 to 18 percent.

Representative Robert H. Rowe