Democrats and Governor Lynch, facing massive deficits, have effectively raised taxes almost 87 times in the last 4 years. Rep. Almy of the House Ways and Means Committee is still dreaming up ways to tax NH residents even more.

Thanks to one of our astute taxpayer watchdogs, we have a list of 66 of those taxes or fees:

2010-2011 New Tax Increases totaled over $350,000,000.00

1. Increased Tobacco tax by 34% (HB 2)
2. Increased Rooms and Meals tax by 12% (HB2)
3. Increased MV record fees by 41-100% (HB 2)
4. Increased MV certified copy fee by 100% (HB 2)
5. Increased the DES load fund fee by 100% (HB2)
6. Increased DES/ Land subdivision review fees by 100-107% (HB 2)
7. Increased inspection sticker tax 30% (HB 2)
8. Increased R. E. Commission tax on electronic filing by additional 2%
9. Increased tax on judicial fines by 16%
10. Created a $100 fee for annulment of records at DOT
11. New Saltwater fishing license fee from $15-150
12. Double fee for Boat Registration
13. Increased Lake Preservation boat tax by 50%
14. Increased Boat agent fee 233%
15. Increased Boat transfer tax by 66%
16. Increased Boat Captain tax 225%, plus new re-testing tax of $10 each
17. New $250 Tax for certification of Cigarettes ignition propensity
18. Increased tax on non-cigarette tobacco by 30%, on wholesale price
19. New $25.00 tax on request for payment extension at Judicial Branch
20. Increased gun permit fee by 400% for non-residents
21. Increased Vanity Plate fee 60%
22. Allow the Dept of HHS to create new taxes through rules….
23. Increase taxes on Health Facility Licenses from 1140% to 3233%
24. Increased Condo and Land sale fees 67%-150%
25. Authorizes DRA to “Seek Additional Revenue from existing state taxes”
26. Increased Motor Vehicle registration tax by $30-75.00/year on each car
27. Increased Motor Vehicle Trailer tax by 166%
28. Increased Motorcycle tax by 200%
29. Created 10% tax on gambling winnings
30. Eliminated certain wine discounts for wine wholesalers
31. New tax on “Real Estate Holding Companies”, to include “other organizations”
32. New $5,000 bond to be required by all Restaurants and Lodging operations
33. New financial sale requirements to show State if interest in company changes ($6 Mil)
34. Creation of the LLC I & D Tax
35. Increased in the Judicial Branch fees and fines across the Board

2008-2009 New Tax Increases totaled over $313,000,000.00

1. Increase the Tobacco Tax 35% (HB2)
2. Increased car registration fees 24% (HB2)
3. Increased Motorcycle registration fees 25% (HB2)
4. Increased Tractor Trailer registration fees 14% (HB2)
5. Created a new $25 surcharge on court filing fees (HB2)
6. Created a new $25 surcharge for recording deeds (HB2)
7. Increased the fee for reviewing terrain alteration plans 150% (HB2)
8. Increased the fee for shoreline structure applications 100% (HB2)
9. Increased the fee for dredge and fill projects 100% (HB2)
10. Imposed a 7% communication tax on basic residential telephone service (HB2)
11. Increased the insurance Premium Tax (HB2)
12. New Fees to fund a Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (HB2)
13. Increased fees for mandatory water testing (HB2)
14. Increased Turkey Hunting fee (from 200-500% res/non-resident)
15. Increased the moose permit to $450 (HB2)
16. Increased the hazardous waste permit fee 50% (HB472)
17. Increased the hazardous waste generator fee by 50% (HB472)
18. Changed Rooms and meals license fee from one time to biennial fee (HB599)
19. Increased the annual dam registration fee by 40-400% (HB 664)
20. Increased bail fees 255 (HB 1414)
21. Increased gas tax 9% (HB 1426)
22. Increased diesel fuel tax 7% (HB1426)
23. New fees for what was free documentation from DOT (HB1448)
24. New fees for charitable games (HB1509)
25. Increased car registration fees $1.00 (HB1596)
26. Created new moped registration fee (HB1596)
27. Increased the Mortgage company registration fee by 500% (SB1616)
28. Increased the Mortgage company renewal fee by 1000% (SB161)
29. Increased tobacco tax 23% (SB321)
30. Created new fees surcharge for Family Courts (SB350)
31. Increased fees charged by the Secretary of State (SSHB1)

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