A judge has ruled that Manchester can vote on the tax cap as petitioned by voters.

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Also, Somersworth will have the tax cap on their ballot.. according to Fosters.

Tax cap proposal to again appear on November ballot in Somersworth

SOMERSWORTH — Of the more than 800 signatures resident Real Roseberry gathered for a tax cap petition, the city clerk’s office has validated 707, clearing the way for it to appear on the November ballot.

Roseberry, 78, a lifelong city resident and retired General Electric worker who believes local government spending is out of control, spent about four months gathering signatures.

He submitted his petition earlier this month. City Clerk Diane DuBios verified the signatures this week. Only 229 signatures were needed.

It will be the second straight year a tax cap question will appear on the ballot. Last year, after Roseberry helped gather signatures, voters defeated a tax cap, 2,945 to 2,113.

Despite the loss, Roseberry said he was motivated to pursue it again after the City Council approved a $19.9 million bond for a new elementary school. He also argues that the recently approved fiscal 2010 budget, which raised the previous $23.43 per $1,000 valuation tax rate — already the highest in Strafford County — by an estimated 85 cents, is too high.

The tax cap would limit the amount of property taxes a municipality can raise — and therefore spend — by tying tax increases to the yearly Consumer Price Index-Urban.

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, which oversaw the successful passing of a tax cap in Rochester last year, is supporting Roseberry.

He said he will not pursue the initiative again if the cap is voted down again in November.