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Taxpayers Beware If You See This

By CNHT | October 21, 2016

She is probably a wonderful woman caught up in a confusing situation – or not.

Derry Town Moderator Mary Till has been given a stern letter from Secretary of State Bill Gardner for election law violations. She is a Democrat.

I have not looked at all the details in this case but is smells of something we at the Coalition of NH Taxpayers have been aware of for a long, long time.

Here is how the scheme goes. See if it fits.

Till “audited” a race in the NH Primary by checking cast ballots during the election. Sounds innocent enough but it gives the moderator an upper hand in some elections, such as bond votes.

If a moderator can simply go to the voting machine and take out ballots that were dropped into a separate box by the machine because they had a mechanical problem, that moderator can tell how the vote is going. In the case of a bond vote he can get on a phone or tip someone off to start calling for more voters if a school bond he wants to pass, for instance, is going south. You can watch during some bond votes and see the flurry of activity after the moderator checks the ballots in an informal “audit” and call supporters to start dragging people who did not vote yet to the polls. Since the availability of cell phones this is a powerful tool for activist moderators.

Now was Moderator Till in Derry just nosey about who was winning and have enough time on her hands to snoop around while people were still voting or is she an activist moderator?

Did anyone see Moderator Till spending time on her phone while doing her internal, informal, personal audit?

That is what Gardner should be looking for.

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Jared Cram Election Official?

By CNHT | October 5, 2016

by Ed Naile

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, representing the American Civil Rights Union, has opened up a can of voter fraud worms in the City of Philadelphia, specifically convicted felon voters voting illegally.

Philly is known for letting uniformed Black Panthers patrol election stations and zero Republican votes cast in many wards in the city. You can also check out the number of people who are eligible to vote in the City with the number of recorded voters for an eye opener. But that is a different story.

J. Christian Adams of PILF, and his people, have uncovered the scam election officials in Philly are running to pump up the Democrat numbers, thereby cancelling out the legit votes in the rest of the State.

I like to call this “voter suppression for real.” The proof is simple to document. For every illegal vote a Philadelphia election official allows to be cast, another voter in Pa. loses his vote. Pretty simple. Even an idiot election official could do it.

Oh wait! Here is a familiar name: (click on graphic for larger view)

Remember interstate vote thief, Jared Steven Cram, who used his mommy’s house in Wilton to steal votes in New Hampshire in 2008 and 2012? He is the guy who NH election officials say didn’t vote in Wilton in 2008 even though his name was on the Secret Statewide Database as voting in 2008 and 2012?

Funny how those are the two years the politically active Cram didn’t vote in Pa. elections where he worked on campaigns.
Stands to reason Cram is an election official in Philly when he isn’t up here campaigning against NH candidates.
CNHT has been keeping tabs on Cram and lots of other dirt ball vote thieves.

Stay tuned for a new interstate Florida/NH absentee vote thief expose.

Check out J. Christian Adams’s work on protecting your vote at his web site:

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Report on Non-Citizen Voters in VA.

By CNHT | October 4, 2016

by Ed Naile

I spoke to Reagan George of the Virginia Voters Alliance today about the wunderkind college student working for a Soros-funded voter registration non-profit who “on his own” registered 19 deceased people to vote. One happened to be the brother of a sitting judge so he was caught by an alert election official and is under investigation by out illustrious FBI.

What could go wrong when the Feds investigate Democrats.

While I had Reagan on the phone we talked about the recent catch by his group, along with attorney J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), of 1046 non-citizen voters in that state.

I got some great insights on how we can do likewise here in NH.
Here is the report on the non-citizen voters from the two groups of voter fraud investigators:

Listed in the report are the names of the 1000 or so non-citizen voters. I love that!

Talk about a tangible resource for catching inter-state voters. It doesn’t get any better.

For you progressives whose policies and agendas are being rejected by American voters, take a long look at what you and yours will do to win. Put your pasty hands over your beady eyes and chant out loud about there being no voter fraud.

That is what progressive frauds do you know. Ignore the evidence as long as you get what you want.

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