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Here are lists of bills with our recommendation to SUPPORT or OPPOSE. Join our mailing list for alerts!


We will attempt to notify you of hearing and voting dates on important bills. This is something you can also follow yourself.

Here is the procedure for keeping track of, and sending in your testimony for all bills as they first get heard in a House or Senate committee and then go to the floor of the full body for a vote.

1 – Using just the bill number, look up the bill to see when the committee hearing and/or full vote is scheduled.

2 – Register your support or opposition (ITL or OTP) on this page for House upcoming committee hearings, and this page for Senate upcoming committee hearings.

Alternatively, if you want to email the committees directly, ask them to put your testimony on file. Here are the places to find both Senate and House Committee emails.

3 – If a bill moves to the full House or Senate for a floor vote, use this file to email those you think need direction on the matter before the date of the vote. The Senate’s general email address goes to all 24 Senators and is listed at the bottom. Unfortunately the House does not have one general email that goes to all 400 Reps. We recommend only CC’ing 40 at once so as not to be sent to spam.