NH House Republican Joe Alexander is proud of his SHAM corrupt “Special Committee on Housing” which is a vehicle made up of sponsors of the very bills they wrote.

This was done in order to pass bills that otherwise would get a more fair hearing in the normal House committee. This is manifestation of our corrupt Speaker Sherman Packard doing the bidding of our corrupt Governor Chris Sununu.

Rep Sweeney is a follower of the very liberal @/StrongTowns whose mission it is to ‘end suburbia’. Is this how we have to fight Republicans in order to keep our state from turning into Mass?

This is AGENDA 21/2030 on steroids.

We need to implore NH Senate to stop these bills!

Who knew we’d have to fight Republicans to keep socialism out of our state?
While we fight the Dems on the social issues, the Republicans are undermining us in other ways.

See the missive from Rep Alexander:

For Immediate Release
March 29, 2024
Contact: Joe.Alexander@leg.state.nh.us

Special Committee Passes Legislation Tackling Housing Crisis

Concord, NH – Special Committee on Housing Chairman Joe Alexander (R-Goffstown) released the following statement after the House passed all 7 bills from the committee.

“I’m thankful to Speaker Packard for establishing the Special Committee on Housing and to my dedicated colleagues on the committee for their invaluable contributions to crafting this legislation. With the successful passage of all seven House bills, we’ve taken significant strides towards addressing New Hampshire’s housing crisis.

The pressing concern of housing affordability in New Hampshire demands our continued attention, as the current shortage hampers the state’s growth potential. I’m encouraged by the progress made thus far and remain committed to working with my colleagues to ensure a brighter future for Granite State families.”


HB1065 – relative to fire sprinkler requirements in residential buildings.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1168 – establishing a committee to study the impact of the housing crisis on people with disabilities.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1215 – (New Title) relative to development approvals and appeals.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1291 – relative to accessory dwelling unit uses allowed by right.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1361 – relative to municipal land use regulation for manufactured housing and subdivisions.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1399 – allowing municipalities to permit 2 residential units in certain single-family residential zones.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

HB1400 – (New Title) relative to residential parking spaces.
House Status: Passed/Adopted With Amendment

Additional Housing Legislation Sponsored by Rep. Alexander:

HB1202 – relative to the issuance of permits for the alteration of driveways exiting onto public ways.
House Status: In Committee (Finance, 2nd committee), Passed/Adopted With Amendment (Consent Calendar)