The HOUSE STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS AND VETERANS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE assigned an “OTP” (Ought To Pass) recommendation to the bill that would call for an Article V Constitutional Convention by a vote of 15-5.

UPDATE: The full House of Reps voted on HCR 8 and it was ‘laid on table’.

NH House of Representatives need to vote NO when HCR 8 comes to the floor for a full vote in spite of this OTP vote. There just too many unanswered questions regarding this issue. (See Document)

New Hampshire Senate Republicans will need to kill it if the House does not.

The Article V/Convention of States movement was created by Larry Lessig, liberal professor at Harvard U and promoted by Joanna Blades and Van Jones of and Living Room Conversations, and the radical left Wolf-Pac.

Larry Lessig is a left-wing Harvard Professor, a former advisor to President Obama, and openly advocates a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution.

Living Room Conversations partners with New Hampshire Listens, a facilitation group for the Carsey Institute, an NGO based at the University of NH which steers the agenda of NH’s unelected commissions.
They fund numerous lobbyists who have convinced NH Republicans to vote for it.

WolfPAC’s top lobbyist is Ryan Clayton, the organization’s executive director. When he testified in NH, he angrily denounced opponents of an Article V Convention as “conspiracy theorists” for their concerns of a “runaway convention”. Yet, its founder is on record supporting a runaway convention. While WolfPAC isn’t registered as a lobbyist organization in NH, Mr. Clayton certainly shows all the signs of being a lobbyist.

Mark Meckler (of one of the hijacked teaparties) has teamed up with them.

They are using the lure of ‘balanced budget’ and ‘term limits’ as the ‘hook’ for Republicans to agree to vote for it. Sounds great right? Who doesn’t want those things?

However, balanced budget is already provided for in the current constitution and term limits can be effected by simply voting out people who have been in there too long.

The COS claims it’s ‘grassroots’ but it is funded by liberals with millions. Some money is donated to legislators to get them to vote for the call for the a convention of states.

Furthermore, to open the constitution is to endanger it. The real goals is to fully replace it by any one of three or MORE new PROGRESSIVE constitutions that have been written in anticipation of the takeover.

These constitutions have provisions for guaranteed jobs, income, housing and decimate Second Amendment rights.