While we were busy watching for HCR4 (a bill to call for a Constitutional Convention) to come up for a floor vote in the NH House of Representatives, little did we realize that HCR1, another resolution calling for an Article V Convention, also known as a Convention of States, was going to be voted on yesterday, February 23, 2023.

Thankfully, thanks to Democrats, HCR1 FAILED in the NH House of Representatives on February 23, 2023 by a comfortable margin of 192 NAYS to 156 YEAS.

Sadly all but 22 Republicans voted for this and when asked why, spewed the talking points that come straight from the COS lobbyists.

Who are the founders and lobbyists for the COS movement? Read about them HERE and HERE.

What is the ulterior motive of the left in pushing for a COS? Read more about the founders here.

What do real conservatives in NH think about the COS? Read about that here.

Republicans have been duped into thinking the COS is the only way to get balanced budget and term limits amendments.. but therein lies the deception. Who doesn’t want a balanced budget and term limits?

The bottom line is, if there is no danger that a COS might result in a total replacement of the current US Constitution, why are there more than 3 new “progressive” versions waiting in the wings?

Here are a few:

The Constitution in 2020
Newstates Constitution
Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America
The Constitution Drafting Project (3 new versions) *One of these Constitutions, the so-called “Conservative” Constitution, was co-authored by Robert P. George, who is a member of Mark Meckler’s COS Legal Advisory Board. This proposed Constitution imposes gun control & red flag confiscations (among other horrors)

We spoke directly to the COS lobbyist Ken Quinn about this issue and asked, how much money was donated to these Reps to sway them to your side? He refused to answer us.

COS lobbyists are spreading lies and using dirty tactics to push this issue.

Please ask your Reps to vote NO on HCR4. It is due out of committee on March 16, 2023. Follow the progress of the bill here.

Some of the COS questionable activities…

Returning his donation…