by Jane Aitken, Acting Chair

Apparently Granite State Progress (GSP) could not resist spreading smears against someone who is no longer around to defend himself.

I am of course speaking of my best friend and colleague, Ed Naile.

As you may recall, GSP already had lost all measure of credibility when back in 2010, they supported an accusation that the NH Teaparty Coalition (NHTPC) supposedly staged a ‘white pride’ rally, and then refused to retract their statements in support of a press release issued by Sarah Chaisson Warner, Director of the NH Citizens Alliance, who also purposely continued to defame NH Tea Partiers with information she knew was false, even after being proven wrong by their own leaders (Kathy Sullivan) in the Democrat party.

As everyone knows, Ed Naile was somewhat of a satirist as expressed in his writings. He did not EVER espouse violence or conspiracy theories. He regularly hunted down, and proved, that voter fraud does exist in NH.

Since CNHT is a non-partisan group, we took no official position on any of the issues mentioned in GSP’s weak ‘hit piece’. We are not of the mind that 8M people committed fraud in the 2020 national election. We also made no public statements about vaccines during the COVID crisis. Thus, any statements made by Ed were his own opinions, or as we believe in some cases, journalistic satire.

Granite State Progress should be ashamed of themselves for writing such trash about a dead person.