AFP-NH has enumerated and confirmed the costs we have been yapping about for two years now. Hold on to your hats, AND your wallets.

Tax impact of proposed rail:

The proposed system will cost Granite State taxpayers $11 million or more in annual operation and management costs.

To pay for these costs, the Department of Transportation suggests new taxes on Granite Staters, including:

-A new $5 vehicle registration fee,

-Increasing property taxes $15.7 million statewide,

-The diversion of 5% of state lottery revenue away from our schools, or

-Hiking gas taxes on those that can least afford the increase.

According to the NHDOT final report on the Nashua-Manchester commuter rail project, “[m]ost state transit funding comes from General Fund appropriations or through traditional taxes and fees, such as motor fuel taxes, sales taxes, and vehicle fees.”

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