Every town in NH needs a group like this. Behold the accomplishments of the NKTA:

Since founding in 2015, NKTA has pushed consistently for two points:

– Reduce school cost increases – because costs were way above NH averages
– Improve student results – because they were just not good enough

Substantial progress is being made, thanks to your support.

On costs, your property tax bill has held steady for the past 6 years, while passing new staff contracts. The money in the budget is being reallocated for smarter spending, with accountability. (Approximately 75% of your property taxes pays for the schools)

On Student results,

Math and English results are key and until recently have been ignored

With our new administration, there is a whole new attitude and focus, thanks to your support!

A few points, not a comprehensive list:

– New Math curriculum coming in the fall to replace Everyday Math (which failed on basic screening even to make the cut for consideration)

– HS teachers being consulted about improving educational results, including Math curriculum planning

– Group of Administrators, parents and School Board members reworking recommendations for graduation requirements, including daily work in Math and English (instead of current 3.5 x a week!)and real rigor in curriculum to match what colleges and employers are seeking, while retaining diversity in choices for students.

Two recommendations for those interested in learning more and in keeping the results coming:

Join or renew your NKTA membership! $20/year!
Listen to EISA meetings on SRSD YouTube Channel.

NONE of this would be happening without you and the years of advocacy of NKTA!