by Ed Naile

…from our friend Rich Girard:

“After reading the articles, a member of our Large and Loyal Audience researched the property address (436 Walnut Street, Manchester, NH 03104 Ward 1) these three out of state campaign workers have used to register and cast their absentee ballots. It’s owned by Daniel Molloy. Thanks to a Facebook post, we were able to verify that Molloy is a Democrat who lives at 40 Magnolia Rd. in Manchester’s Ward 1.”

“Importantly, Molloy posted a vacancy at 436 Walnut Street on his Facebook page on January 4, 2020. In reply to an inquiry as to whether or not it was still available, Molloy wrote:

“…taken-but with a lease only through November 2020-so keep that in mind…”

“This confirms that they are not, as questioned, voting from their legal permanent residence; that they used a temporary dwelling they intended to leave once their work was done, to register and vote. As they all appear to have out of state domiciles, which Naile confirmed using various public records, including voter registration files, one has to wonder whether or not they’ll return to them after the election is over or whether or not they’ll move on to another temporary work place.”

Full story here:

Lease on Out of State Voter Nest in Queen City Expires After Election is Over