What success has NKTA had?

Taxes in Newton on a $300,000 residence have gone up only $60 in 3 years!

Kingston is harder to measure, with recent revaluations, but we do know Kingston increases have been similar.

That’s holding the line on tax creep we think.

Some years taxes have gone up, some like last year, they have gone down, one year they went up 1 cent. A 3-year result gives better insight into tax growth.

At the same time outcomes for kids are being measured and addressed, with

English and Math intervention beginning at all levels,
looking at new report cards that make sense,
accountability for kids with assignments,
tracking emotional as well as academic development
curriculum improvements
expansion of ability to earn college credits before graduation
college, career and life preparedness
And staff contracts are passing. All without sharp increases in taxes.

The combo translates into higher quality of life for all residents, and increasing desirability of our towns that leads to increasing property values.

The success is yours, folks. It is because of your suppport with membership dues and other donations, and your voting activity, that we are gaining these successes.

It’s a process…there is more to do.

It’s like turning a gigantic battleship…it takes more time than we could wish sometimes, but it is turning.