There are not many formally organized, serious taxpayer groups left in NH, comprised of those willing to fight for their towns and schools. We wish there were more, we’re even willing to help set them up, show them the ropes.

But Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association is one of the few who rallied to the cause on their own and we’re glad they did!

This is what success looks like when people organize, analyze and get out the vote. You can contact the NKTA here.

Hi Fellow Taxpayer,

You guys are awesome!

Because of your voting and participation, we have an Administrative Team in the Sanborn Regional School District who gets it…they know we want measurable and improving outcomes for students, at costs that are affordable and sustainable.

No, we are not able to actually reduce taxes this year, BUT we are holding the line on the rate of increases! For 5 years now… aand it’s because of you!

At the same time, the School Board & Administration are moving in the direction of improving measurable outcomes for students. In reading and math, and in after-graduation planning and lifelong success.

With smaller tax increases.

The newer Superintendent knows that taxpayers did not like past Administrative practices of putting forward ever-growing and exhorbitant spending plans. We as voters rejected those, and often the staff contracts too, due to the disconnect caused.

This year the Super and Admin team are recommending a 0.53% increase, including the passed teacher and support staff contracts that alone would be a much bigger increase! The default budget option will be higher.

The School Board and Budget Committee will review in depth, before finalizing the proposed budget, of course. This is the first step in a process that culminates in YOUR deciding the proposed budget in February at the Deliberative Session and then voting at the polls in March.

Woohoo! You guys rock!

We’ll continue to keep you informed…please continue your support.