NH has one of the best systems of representation in state government. There is one representative for every 3,000 voters, and people often know them personally, as this makes them highly accessible.

We are a bit late reporting on this but it is important nevertheless to include it as it may come up in other towns.

At Salem’s March 2019 town meeting voters were asked:

Article 15: By Petition: Establish Redistricting Commission
By Petition: Shall the Town vote to establish a redistricting commission to divide the town into 2 or more districts for the purpose of electing representatives to the general court?

Fortunately it was beaten handily. (NO – 3138) (YES – 933)

This letter to the editor by resident Martha Spalding explained the situation:

Voters of Salem, Don’t Split Salem apart, Vote NO on Article 15

Your rights as an individual voter could be adversely impacted unless you and the voters of Salem, Vote NO on Article 15 on the March 12, 2019 ballot.

Change Agents are asking the voters of the Town of Salem to approve a Redistricting Commission to fix a problem that does not exist! If approved, Article 15 could reduce your vote to only 1 State Representative, instead of the current 9, so, Vote NO on Article 15.

Democrats admit that redistricting plans, such as proposed in Article 15, are unpopular and viewed as partisan. Rather than admit what they are doing is partisan, they hide behind Article 15 and ask you to approve it for them. The Redistricting Commission will be unaccountable to the voters but will let the Alinsky style operatives, who are proposing the scheme, off the hook. The Commission is charged with the predetermined outcome of dividing Salem into smaller voting districts, similar in design to city wards. It could result in your being able to vote for only 1 State Representative instead of the present 9.

What will be next?

Do they intend to ask voters to change our form of government from a Town to a City? If successful, do they next intend to get the voters to approve consolidation of Salem, subsuming it under a REGIONAL PLAN under the false promise, the guise of “efficiency”, when in reality it will lower the impact of your vote and reduce governmental accountability to you as: “We the People of Salem”?

Vote NO on Article 15. Keep government accountable to individual voters. Keep your constitutional right to be heard by government for redress of grievances as an individual voter and don’t let them circumvent Constitutional responsibility. Don’t allow a politically inspired unelected Commission which is not accountable to you and the voters of Salem lessen the impact of your vote. Refuse to let an unaccountable Redistricting Commission split Salem apart, lower the impact of your vote and adversely decide the future of the people of the town of Salem.
Don’t split Salem! Vote against Redistricting! Vote NO on Article 15!