At Alton’s 2018 town meeting, there was a petitioned warrant article (#59) on the ballot which asked to raise the money to pay for the yearly membership in the Lakes Region Planning Commission. It FAILED.

Over 401 people voted NO to essentially DEFUND the membership in the Lakes Region Planning Commission, thereby saving the town $7,619.00 (vs 172 who voted yes).

But not only that, in addition to the $7,619.00 Alton would have paid for membership dues, the defeat of this bill will save the town from FEDERAL intrusion and meddling with the town’s ‘master plan’. Often these plans contain ideas and goals that did NOT originate with the community, but came straight from the American Planning Association, an NGO that promotes United Nations Agenda 21/2030 regional principles.

The Board of Selectmen recommended the passage of #59 by a vote of 3-2 but the measure failed anyway. The Budget Committee had voted 3 against and 2 not voting.

“If only more towns would get out of these regional boondoggles”, said one resident.


Also Phil Wittmann was re-elected to the Board of Selectmen for another 3-year term, a very good thing.

Here is a copy of the flyer they used: Vote NO on #59