HB 1616 is AN ACT requiring legislative approval for regional planning commissions to accept money from governmental sources other than the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions.

“Before a commission may accept or receive any funds, grants, or services from governmental sources outside of the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions, prior approval of the general court is required,” it states specifically.

Regional Planning Commissions were originally set up so that towns could work together and share resources such as schools, fire, police, and natural resources that touched both boundaries such as watersheds. This concept has now been extended to include regional water districts as well.

But it seems of late that the RPCs have become an agent of the federal government, which is fully committed to the UN ‘sustainability’ agenda, originally mandated in 1992, as seen in full on the US Dept of State website. In addition, political requirements such as those outlined in HUD’s AFFH Act (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) first put in place by the Obama administration must be complied with when RPCs accept certain federal monies. When towns accept these federal grants, a contract is signed and must be honored.

Supporting this bill would reinforce the effort to keep the federal government, one that has been co-opted by international forces, out of our state and town business, or at the very least, examine the requirements of taking federal monies before those monies are accepted.

A public hearing will be held tomorrow, 01/24/2018 at 02:00 PM in Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 301.

If you cannot testify in person, please write to the Municipal and County Government Committee and ask them to support this bill.