by Ed Naile

At the Sept. 12, 2017 Election Integrity Commission hearing held here in NH, several hours of testimony was given to Commission members. One member is Hans von Spakovsky. He wrote about the hearing and what evidence was submitted by experts in the field.

Evidence of Election Fraud Emerges

Commissioner von Spakovsky noted that the media is quite silent about the evidence presented. Journalists seem desperate to move on to the next subject, any subject, other than voter fraud – the phone jamming scandal maybe? NH citizens were regaled by our statewide media with a constant drip of phone jamming stories for about ten years – by some of the reporters still on the beat. In that time, bloggers in NH have been the best source of information regarding many “touchy subjects” the dying print industry used to cover.

So here goes.

I was placed on a waiting list for the hearing so I could not attend. The Coalition of NH Taxpayers did submit a 48 page peek at NH voter fraud evidence, history, and court cases – Part I. I have, through sources, found the document did get to the parties involved. So far, so good.

Commissioner von Spakovsky mentioned the I.D-less voter investigation NH Speaker Jasper requested back in August, and which had been released days before the NH meeting. That is wonderful news.

How about we go a step further. That investigation of 6,000 same-day registrant voters who had no NH identification – was from a single day. November 8, 2016 was the NH General Election which involved elected positions for Federal office.

According to the NH Secretary of State web site, between December 28, 2015 and February 9, 2016, the Presidential Primary, some 72,000 people registered to vote in NH. That is a stunning number, but then, the Sanders and Clinton machines were pulling out all the stops and soon to be President Trump had energized his voters.

What a simple task it would be to simply have Secretary Gardner run those 72,000 names through the Dept. of Safety – now that we know he can.

I read Speaker Jasper’s letter to Secretary Gardner. It asked for an investigation into the 2016 election – not just one day.
This so easy.

People who believe there is no voter fraud in NH could see for themselves that no one who registered and voted in the NH Primary in February and again in the General Election in November had forgotten to abandon their old domicile and take some action, any action, to become a NH citizen – and not just a NH voter. Becoming a NH domiciled voter in a Federal election would be consistent with US Code 52 regarding domicile. One has to give a lawful address to election officials in Federal Elections.

This is the kind of information the Commission could use in deciding if NH runs elections clean enough to meet Federal Laws and Constitutional muster.

Now is the time to ask your elected officials to do the right thing.