The following documents are part of a larger collection given to CNHT Chair, Ed Naile, through a Right-to-Know request.

The Hillsboro-Deering School board entered into a $2.6 million Equipment Lease Purchase in 2016 contract without the required vote of the Legislative body – as per RSA 33:7-e.

That contract was for a complete renovation of the campus heating system and other retrofitting. The Board was about to enter into another Equipment Lease Purchase for modular classrooms in 2017 when Ed Naile challenged the process for several reasons.

The documents provided here show the critical parts of a municipal lease purchase, plus some legal opinions submitted during the process.

Every taxpayer should become aware of how a lease purchase can be abused and taxpayer denied a right to vote on million dollars worth of debt.

Lease Purchase Agreement
Scope of Work for Energy Overhaul
Our Attorney States Lease Follows NH State Law
Lease Meets All NH State Laws
Agreement & Payments to 2036 – Mention of Non-appropriation Clause