by Ed Naile

I would imagine, and hope, most people have seen the recent stories about the young college student who re-registered 19 deceased voters in Virginia. He was part of a young Democrats organization.

This student’s name is Andrew Spieles. He has admitted he did this. Which is probably the best thing for his party and candidate of choice. I think everyone associated with registering dead people to vote would want this to go away – real fast.

The Washington Free Beacon does a good job at exposing some of the meat of the story. Not many news sources cover voter fraud so kudos to the Beacon.

VA Young Democrat Caught Registering Dead Veteran Vote

In Virginia rules for registering to vote are a bit different than here in NH, they are much more strict. In fact, almost any entity that has elections is more strict than New Hampshire. That would include any flower club, Moose Lodge, or your average Third World country.
Back to Virginia.

Here is a sample of a Virginia voter registration application:
VA Voter Registration Application Form

If you notice, the applicant has to submit his S.S.#, in full, on the form, be a resident of Virginia, 18 years old, and not registered to vote in any other state. I guess since it doesn’t specifically say “must also be alive” one can assume that also is a requirement. But who knows what an enterprising lawyer will argue in the student’s defense.

My question about this whole enterprise, and I call it an enterprise because Spieles could not have acted alone, is, how many other people were involved?

Spieles was working with an organization called HarrisonburgVotes (and you thought A.C.O.R.N. was disbanded.). Here, according to a local Virginia paper, is what they do:

Election Excitement – Registrars Gear Up For High Voter Turnout In November
By Tony Brown – Daily News-Record September 13, 2016

HARRISONBURG — Teaching high school kids to vote, registering freshly sworn-in citizens, designing ballots, training poll workers, testing machines, processing a hundred registration applications a day.”

Dead voter registrar Andrew Spieles was working with HarrisonburgVotes (their webpage is now offline) which is where he probably got the S.S.#s he needed to re-register the 19 deceased voters – we know of. Virginia sells voter information to a select group of the public. It includes the D.O.B. of each voter but not the S.S.#.

Election – Client Services

Only election officials are allowed to see the S.S.# on an application. I checked Virginia law.

Spieles also needed to find a number of deceased voters to re-register under this scheme. He also had to get the illegal applications past some sort of election official in the county.

How did some young, not too bright, college kid come up with such a complicated plan?
How did he really get caught?

Don’t worry though, our non-political FBI is investigating.

The Virginia Voters Alliance has been warning about this for years

Don’t worry though, our non-political FBI is investigating. The Virginia Voters Alliance has been warning about this for years