Voters in the Merrimack Valley asked for more transparency for the school district’s “IB” program which has been imposed upon all schools.

Resident Bill Murphy introduced a nonbinding resolution requesting the school board print all sources of revenue and spending related to the program in next year’s annual district report. He made this request to board members at last week’s annual district meeting, and board members agreed. However, Lorrie Carey, a school board member from Boscawen, objected.

After Murphy’s resolution passed by 12 votes, he came to the microphone and said “Just remember who didn’t want you to know.”

Carey, who was elected to the State House this term, dismissed the concerns of those who asked for more information about the costs of the program as “bullsh–“. She repeated the word at least twice.

What is even more worrisome is Carey still promotes the idea that the IB program is not the product of the UN/UNESCO in Geneva Switzerland and that it does not require UNESCO’s political agenda embedded into all subjects. These are not conspiracy theories but facts anyone can ascertain by simply visiting the IBO’s own website as well as a website put up by the parents at All About IB at MVSD

Carey was asked by teachers in and out of the district to come clean about the program in 2009, but withheld most important information (such as where it originated and what its mission would be) from the parents as the program went forward without their knowledge. Major newspapers such as the Concord Monitor ran “fluff” articles on the teacher retraining even after being provided with the same information, stating excuses such as it “could not be proven” that the program cost anything, a blatant lie, despite that fact being easily verified by a visit to the IBO website. The idea that schools have to PAY to use IB was not even a point of contention, but shows just how willing school boards and the Concord Monitor will go to LIE about it.

Some angry parents withdrew their children from the system when they discovered what was going on in the classrooms, almost 3 years later.

Remember, these residents simply wanted an accounting of the money spent for the program. And instead, they got a barrage of profanity.