Concord—Republican leaders in the New Hampshire House of Representatives have wasted little time in responding to Monday’s partisan decision to ban firearms from the State House, the Legislative Office Building, or the Upham Walker House.

“When the Democrats took control three years ago, they boasted of returning transparency to state government,” said House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (r-Londonderry). “And yet they continue to ignore the process through their actions. From the last minute LLC tax that they tacked on to the budget, to their most recent ruling on carrying firearms in the State House, they have continually ignored the process of debate, discussion and public input. Whether you agree with their final decision or not, the fact of the matter is, the Democrats did not follow the correct process,” concluded Packard.

Rep. Gene Chandler (r-Bartlett), the Senior Assistant Republican Leader for the House, today filed a request with the House Rules committee to allow for the late drafting and introduction of legislation designed to overturn yesterday’s ruling by the Joint Facilities committee.

At the previous meeting of the Joint Facilities committee, a sub-committee was set up to look at State House security but nothing was added to the agenda for the December meeting. “This idea was not brought forward as an agenda item so there was no opportunity to discuss how such a rule would be implemented, when it would take effect or how it would be enforced,” said Rep. Chandler.

The next step is for the House Rules committee to decide whether or not to allow Rep.Chandler’s request to be approved. “I am optimistic that the committee will vote to allow a bill to be drafted and subjected to public debate and a vote by the legislature. I have consulted with, and have the support of Republican Leader Sherm Packard,” Chandler concluded.


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