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According to this April 30, 2009 NY Times Article – “Souter Said to Be Leaving Court in June”, Justice David H. Souter will be retiring from the Supreme Court and moving back to his home in Weare, NH.

We wonder if the people of Weare will revisit the idea that 1) he is not welcome there and 2) they would like to take his house by eminent domain for use as a park?

After all, this man voted to ensure that the ordinary citizen had no recourse against the destruction of their property rights by government and its unholy alliance with big business in the sordid Kelo vs New London affair.

At the time, Justice Breyer, who also voted against property rights was discovered to own a very under-assessed home in Plainfield which was also considered for the taking.

Power to the people.

View the actual article that was to be placed on the ballot: Souter Petition

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Note: This is the original petition first submitted by the townspeople of Weare, and has nothing to do with intruder, outsider, and media hound Logan Darrow Clements who tried to hijack the idea and the process and by doing so, derailed the original.