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“The Taxing Times Blog” is where you will find a wealth of information on the work we do and the people we help across the State of New Hampshire.

Please be patient while we re-propagate the older information that is essential to the background of many of the ongoing issues that we are tackling.

We have provided RSS Feed links on the right sidebar that you can also place on your own website.
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On the left, we have categorized our information by Topic, and will likely be adding new ones as needed. There may be some stories posted in more than one Topic section.

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We have added a self-managing Mailing List system to the Main Site to which you can subscribe/unsubscribe on your own and update your information and volunteer preferences. We do very few paper mailings, so our mailing list is the best way to keep in touch for things that need your immediate attention. Stay tuned — we have thousands of members and a very overworked webmistress!

Please note: CNHT is a non-partisan organization with definite conservative leanings. The opinions and positions expressed in the White Papers or elsewhere on this website may not necessarily reflect the positions of every single Director or Member. People who work with CNHT do so because they are generally in favor of fiscal conservatism and smaller, more transparent government.

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