The following bills deal with elections and election law. Hearing dates if set, are noted after the bill number. Bills are organized by committee. CNHT’s analysis is added in BLUE.

HOUSE Election Law Committee to Hear These Bills


HB 1279 – 01/22/2020 – OPPOSE/ITL

This bill amends the general statutory definitions of “resident or inhabitant” and “residence or residency” to include an intent to maintain a principal place of physical presence for the indefinite future. The bill restores language removed from the law in 2018, 370 (HB 1264).

This bill attempts to resurrect Newburger v. Peterson case about indefinite future. The scam they have been pulling since 1972.

HB 1651-FN – 01/22/2020 – NEUTRAL

This bill amends the absentee voter application form and absentee voting affidavits to make clear that certain persons confined to penal institutions may vote by absentee ballot.

This is a housekeeping bill clarifying excuse for not being able to vote in person.

HB 1653-FN – 01/22/2020 – OPPOSE/ITL

This bill modifies the definition of domicile for voting purposes, modifies forms and procedures for voter registration, and removes the requirement that the secretary of state conduct post-election voter registration inquiries.

This bill attempts to let anyone vote in NH even if they are not legal residents domiciled here. Totally unconstitutional. Anyone supporting this should not be an elected NH official in any capacity. It expands the fraud of same day voting.

HB 1390 – 01/28/2020 – OPPOSE/ITL

This bill establishes a procedure for public access to ballots and allows citizens to request a verification count of machine-counted ballots.

Does this mean a single voter can not raise his hand in a town meeting because everyone would know how he voted?

SENATE Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee to Hear These Bills


SB 630-FN – 1/29/2020 – OPPOSE/ITL

This bill clarifies the circumstances under which the supervisors of the checklist may remove a person from the checklist without sending notice by mail.

This is an ‘anti-checklist purge” bill to keep students who have left college on the checklists

SB 695-FN – OPPOSE/ITL (Check for Hearing Date)

This bill repeals the authorization of the secretary of state to enter into an agreement to share voter information and data through the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program and requires the secretary of state to enter into an agreement with the Electronic Registration Information Center to share voter information or data from the statewide centralized voter registration database.

This bill attempts to protect interstate voter fraud by not allowing the sharing of NH checklists with any other entity.