by Ed Naile

It only took from 1972 until Friday, November 7, 2019 but at least it is a step forward.

The NH AG, Gordon MacDonald sent a letter to the hapless Democrat activist Town Clerk of Hanover stating in no uncertain terms (that means without a lawyer saying it) that student voters must have a pre-existing domicile to vote in NH.

Oh, my, goodness! Feel the Earth tremble. Where will the Democrats campaign if not on college campuses where up to 50% of the kids are from other states?

The letter to the confused town clerk also mentions that the word “resident” is synonymous with the word “domicile”. No more confusion about that gimmick either. They mean the same thing regarding election law. Just like with the other 49 states.

CNHT has been championing this lawful reading of election law, our State Constitution, the US Constitution, and every legal dictionary since the 17th Century.

Nice letter from the NH AG!

Now send it to all the college professors in NH who press out of state kids to vote here.

Have a copy dropped off at the NH AG’s Office, Elections Division for Bud Fitch and Anne Edwards.
This also means “Senator” Maggie Hassen is not really a US Senator, but we can save that for later.

Sorry Democrats!
Go find 8-10 thousand votes somewhere else.