This is what we have been waiting for — residence = domicile and you must prove you are a citizen of the US and live where you are attempting to vote.

Letter to Elizabeth McClain, Town of Hanover NH from William Gardner et al.

Court Docket


This Friday Nov. 7 letter to Hanover’s confused Town Clerk is based on her “Declaration” filed in the FEDERAL Casey v. Gardner case where she needed a lesson on election law by the NH AG.

CNHT filed a MOTION to INTERVENE in that FEDERAL case which was DENIED by the judge as he wanted it in an AMICUS brief – meaning we had no part in the case just putting forth information. I chose not to waste my time. I can not call witnesses, etc, with an AMICUS brief. Been that route before with a crooked judge in Strafford County.

In any case, this NH scheme of letting outsiders vote here is in FEDERAL court as I have always wanted.

Here are my points:

1. These litigants are not domiciled in NH only living here to go to school. They have no standing to sue.

2. But the FEDERAL court took this NHACLU case anyway?

3. Cases about out of state kids have been litigated in other states. No state lets non residents vote in Federal elections. Why us Bill Gardner?

4. CNHT gets bumped, as usual, with a properly filed case. Third time we get tossed – bad guys get red carpet treatment.

5. I can’t make Louisiana or California let me vote there – how can NH let these plaintiffs vote here? (Note to Hanover Clerk: you can’t.)

I don’t claim to know everything going on regarding this court but I do know if this judge lets out of state people vote in NH it is a bad precedent in other state elections.

This FEDERAL judge could be taking an obviously bogus case to settle this mess in NH once and for all?

We have a new US Attorney appointed by President Trump. He should be able to stop this with one letter to our state. Obama’s AG, Eric Holder had no problem forwarding a directive to all NH Election Officials telling them that anyone attempting to vote must be allowed.

Its about time NH had clean elections.