Project Veritas Won’t Be Charged For Covert NH Voter Fraud Videos

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said the decision vindicates “the methods of Project Veritas’ undercover reporting.”

Project Veritas has been instrumental in helping us in NH and elsewhere to uncover voter fraud. They were twice subpoenaed by the NH Attorney General and twice those subpoenas were withdrawn.

“CONCORD, NH — Criminal charges will be not be brought against political journalists who recorded undercover videos documenting voter fraud in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office issued letters last week to two attorneys who requested criminal charges be filed against Project Veritas, founder James O’Keefe and other employees for recording discussions and interviews without consent. In New Hampshire, unless you are a public figure, attending a public event, meeting, or being out in public has always been the standard for journalists, videographers, and others to request the permission of a subject before recording them via audio or video.”

Interesting is the list of related articles under this one that chronicle cased of fraud that were prosecuted.

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