The Nashua Board of Education President Heather Raymond is asking for the resignation of Doris Hohensee from the school board.

Heather Raymond accuses Doris of endangering a student when she has done no such thing. The Union Leader has reprinted that lie.

Doris simply “shared” a public post that Democrat activist Sonia Prince placed on “Nashua Politics” from a high school student *whom Sonia named*. That student is working to reverse the recent Board approval for Nashua JROTC marksmanship program on campus.

When people were confused by the student’s post, Doris recommended that they *read* the commentary on Sonia Prince’s post or the student’s original post. That’s it. Doris never asked anyone to post comments.

The Nashua BOE and the UL should both make this correction as well as issue an apology to Doris.

And what of Sonia Prince? Write to the and complain…