by Ed Naile

Some kids from various colleges in NH were used as puppets for a “student voter extra rights” sit-in at the State House this week.

And what did we learn?

Oh, we know their handlers know the kids are being watched.

The arrested kids were from what I can find, all from NH. Like they need voter NH rights in the first place. Sure, they want to vote in Durham and Keene to keep their local leftist placeholders in the NH Legislature. But for the most part the sit-in it was meant to ensure illegal voting out-of-state students going to school in our state can keep stealing our General Elections. Look to US Senator by 1,117 out-of-state student votes – Maggie Hassen.

I would suggest you young, energetic, protesters read the July 2018 “Opinion of the Justices” pages 6-12 if you feel anyone from any other state can vote here and steal NH citizens votes. It is an easy read, I promise. Have an adult help you if need be.

The brave local NH kids arrested for voter rights, they already have, made some sort of statements for the press, got interviewed for their very important opinions, acted like they might possibly know something about election laws and the Constitution. Now they feel empowered. Feelings are an important part of college.

Unmentioned in the article is how some student activists chose not to be arrested.
Could that be because we would all get to see their real domiciles on the arrest records? You know, back at mom and dad’s place?

That would be a – yes.

Up in Hanover there are two out-of-state students suing NH in Federal Court for the right to keep voting in NH with their Louisiana and California drivers licenses as ID. The NHACLU is using these two girls as fodder in that new suit as they have done in the past.

Let’s get this straight: You have two out-of-state voters who are already on the Hanover checklist, meaning they already voted here, who are suing NH for the right to continue voting here.

Funny thing is, one of the Dartmouth College plaintiffs is a registered voter back home, just like Ben Kremer who chose not to get arrested in the recent Concord sit-in, although he got an honorable mention in one news article about the protest.

Some voter rights activist Ben is. What, Ben, no guts?

I scanned several stories about the sit-in, and you know what is missing?

What is missing is any statement, in any article, by Secretary of State, William Gardner. One would think he, the ancient, learned, troll of the Statehouse, could put this all into perspective. Where is the voice of reason and law?

Let me know if I am wrong.