by Ed Naile

James O’Keefe and his journalists are videotaping and exposing voter fraud. It exposes the “Elections Division” of the NH AG’s Office for what they are – political hacks.

For decades we have put up with the nonsensical position that “residence” and “domicile” were two wildly different concepts. Not true. The recent “Opinion of the Justices” July 2018 confirms in plain language that to be a citizen in NH you must be domiciled here, as our State Constitution says. Domicile is not a state of mind it is a state of determining facts. The NH AG’s election investigators use the term – “established a presence,” instead of – “established a domicile.”

But for decades our election officials have played this word game and allowed thousands of out-of-state voters to determine our election – statewide and local.

It has built up to a tipping point average citizens cannot ignore.

Project Veritas has worked with The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. We have seen their work and how video tapes are made. In 2016 all the video tape was handed over to the NH AG’s officer Dick Tracey under issue of a subpoena.

So far, the State of New Hampshire has not prosecuted violators of election law caught on Project Veritas tape. Even without the tape simple documents show Sanders campaign workers using a dentist office they rented for an office as a “residence” to vote. There are photographs of one violator, Hugo E. Palma of Colorado Springs, Co, casting the illegal vote!
But has the Elections Division prosecuted the Sanders campaign workers? No. They are more interested in shutting down Project Veritas in NH.

If citizens of NH want clean elections, they have wonderful chance to help bring that about.


Call the Governor’s Office and the NH Attorney General. Ask them why it is so important to spend tax dollars chasing a non-profit like Project Veritas instead of out of state voters.
The next step is to make sure President Trump knows his new US Attorney can also prosecute interstate voters if NH will not. CNHT has handed easy voter fraud cases to that office.
Remember, NH had over 5,000 same day voters use an out of state driver’s license to steal a vote in NH on November 8, 2016. Ten months later they had not gotten a NH driver’s license – as a new resident would. President Trump lost NH by less than half that number of out-of-state voters. He can see to it that some prosecutions will deter future vote thieves. Governor Sununu should want fair elections as well.

For some reason the NH AG’s Office is after James O’Keefe again in 2019.

I have a suggestion.

If the NH AG’s Office wants to subpoena someone about voter fraud, how about me? I helped track down Hugo E. Palma.

Call me, I’m easy to find.