The Washington Post, a liberal paper from the Swamp, has a liberal “journalist” named Eli Rosenburg. Eli put out a story with a misleading headline about a grandma convicted of voter fraud.

Here is the headline meant to give talking point excuses for Grandma:

“A grandma helped her boyfriend register to vote. She was just sentenced to prison for it.”

Aw, poor grandma.

Grandma – the poll worker!

Boyfriend – the green card holder.

Granny could have fought the charges and faced a real sentence, but she decided to plead guilty instead. Off to jail with granny and hopefully her Mexican boyfriend as well. And don’t forget to wave good bye to Guadalupe as he goes back home.

Where are all the hot shot Democrat attorneys to defend grandma?

The case was prosecuted by…wait for it, a Federal prosecutor appointed by President Trump!

About time.

President Trump has appointed a new US Attorney to New Hampshire, and I have hand delivered several easy documented cases of voter fraud committed by high profile campaign workers and activists to that office.

Let’s hope NH’s new US Attorney takes voter fraud seriously.

And too bad for Washington Post writer Eli Rosenburg. No sympathy for grandma poll worker – the now convicted felon.