by Ed Naile

There is a story about voter fraud in Texas that is interesting when you compare it with New Hampshire’s problem of zero effective enforcement of our election laws – unless the perpetrator is some hapless Republican.

A Mexican citizen living in the US bought a fake ID of a man named Vargas for $20 and used it to vote:

“Authorities said a man with Vargas’ name and birth date had left the area as a teenager, when the now-57-year-old man’s family moved to California. But despite that, someone has used Vargas’ ID to vote in local elections “since at least 1994,” Bexar County elections administrator Jacque Callanen told the Express-News.

A public defender told U.S. District Judge Fred Biery that three other men had used the Vargas identity over the years. She said Salazar Ortiz began using the name several years back after buying a birth certificate from a man in a bar for $20.

His fake ID was detected by the State Department in December 2016 when he mailed in a passport application, the newspaper reported, adding that he was arrested during a raid at his home in August 2017.”

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Notice how the illegal alien was prosecuted by the Feds? That could happen here. We have US District Courts just like Texas. It is a federal crime to knowingly give false information to any election official in an election for Federal offices.

Did you also notice how simple the case is? It is nothing more than a paper trail. Once the name of the fake voter is established, I would imagine it would be simple to track him down by the taxpayer entitlements he receives by using the fake ID. This how one political party tracks down potential voters. It is part of what makes Motor Voter laws so popular with progressives.

Congratulations to US Attorney John Bash who took time to bring the case. No wonder the progressives on the left and their dancing partners in the media hate US Attorney John Bash and make up fake news about his wife.

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Draw your own conclusions about collusion between the media and Democrats.

In other news: “If you thought the 2018 elections in California were a mess, you were right. Dangerous new election laws and lax practices contributed to that mess, and now they want the rest of the nation to suffer the way Californians do.

…Recent initiatives include “top two” primary elections, automatic voter registration, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, allowing mail ballots to arrive after Election Day, rejecting voter ID, removing restrictions on who can handle and return mail ballots (aka ballot “harvesting”), same-day registration and voting, allowing voters to “cure” their mail ballot signature mismatches via the honor system and, in 2020, providing all registrants with mail ballots. These are the election laws that some now want to make a federal mandate nationwide.”

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