by Ed Naile

Keene State Rep. has proposed legislative scheme to let out-of-state student voters register on line. Why not set it up for the Australians who were here working on Bernie Sander’s campaign access as well?

“State Rep. William A. Pearson, D-Keene, is the primary sponsor of House Bill 1772, which would create an online voting registration platform for the state. The bill was introduced at the beginning of the legislative session and referred to the election law committee.”

Non-resident students vote in Keene all the time. I can document some by name if anyone would like. But that is not enough for State Rep. William A. Pearson, D-Keene, the primary sponsor of voter fraud enabling House Bill 1772. He wants on-line registration for the kids as well.

I am not foolish enough to believe this guy wrote the proposed vote stealing scheme. Lawyers from the DNC draft these things. Finding a liberal toady is all they need. The Democrats are sponsoring the same legislation California uses to stay a one party financial mess.

Now let me guess: The registrations would be 90% redacted – like the paper ones are now.
None of the data would accessible by the public – who would pay for the scheme.

We would see a much higher turnout – even in counties that have more voters than eligible residents.

Just like same-day out-of-state voters flood polling places now – so would out-of-state registrations.

And you could not challenge an out-of-state registration.

Right now, the NH AG’s office can’t find the legitimate address of a Florida guy they indicted for illegal voting. They have a fake address in Florida of a three-state voter who lives in Georgia at 1551, Terrance Dr. SW Marietta Ga. 30331.

Oh, giving the NH AG’s Office more to do is good thing – especially of one party over another.

Get ready for 2020 NH taxpayers. You will be sheared like sheep and told to like it if you do not start organizing now!

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