by Ed Naile

NH Democrats, long advocates for hiding election materials from the public, just received a dose of reality from the NH State Supreme Court!

“CONCORD — The state Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Secretary of State does not have provide a detailed voter database to the N.H. Democratic Party, the League of Women Voters and other plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging Senate Bill 3, the new law on voter verification.

The case challenging SB 3 has been working its way through the courts for the past two years. The law, enacted in 2017, changed the procedures for proof of domicile when registering to vote.

We conclude that the database is exempt from disclosure by statute, and we therefore vacate the trial court’s order,” states the unanimous order of the five justices.”

Aw, poor babies.

This database the Democrats want is the same database they denied to Trump’s Election Integrity Commission. It is the same database Secretary of State sent to the Trump Commission parts of in an unusable format – paper.

Since NH Democrats and Secretary Bill Gardner have always been for secrecy, and there are penalties for using the secret voter database, we all pay for, in any nefarious way, this is schadenfreude spelled in large letters.

I guess the Democrats, who have control of the House and Senate, could simply change the laws regarding the secret NH voter database. That would open it up to other law firms who want the same information – but to prove qualified voters in NH have THEIR rights protected.

Cold Day in Hell.

Off to a higher court if you want access to the secret database Democrats – other lawyers are watching!

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