A brief update, now that the warrants for March are set.

The proposed budget for the School District is up $3/4 Million, of which over $400K is Special Education increases we can do nothing about.

The budget is higher than the default by $269K.

The cost is $1.51 per thousand of assessed value more in Newton, a bit less in Kingston…

It does not include staff raises – which are separate warrants, that will cost another 50 cents increase.

A $2 increase for next year, if everything passes. At least $1.27 if nothing passes.

The taxes went down by $1 last year, and are back up more than that for next year.

Is NKTA doing its job, to keep taxes down? Yes, we are.

We have held them almost flat, even down this past year. We have found savings and reduced staffing over the past 4 years.

Right now, the budget is pretty bare bones, until we do something about our 5 campuses for 1600 students.

There is a warrant this year to change the language for the District Agreement, to remove the word elementary. NKTA urged a study last year by NESDEC on our facilities and declining enrollment…we knew the answer. The high costs are in the Middle School and the Elementary Schools. We spend $1.5 Million more than comparable Districts on our Elementary Schools! And we can’t do more, without harming education, until we pass this warrant article.

We need to do a mailing, to help elect fiscally conservative candidates again this year –

And to encourage votes to pass this warrant.

Please join NKTA for $20/family and/or make a contribution. Follow this link, or send in your check to

P O Box 40, Newton NH 03858.

It’s the voters who make the difference, for sustainable tax rates with best possible educational results.