by Ed Naile

Our old pal from November 8, 2016, Michael LaSean Lewis, was indicted by a Merrimack County grand jury this month for a lack of a lawful NH domicile in our state when he showed up and voted, same-day style, in Hooksett during the 2016 General Election. Lewis was driving a Ma. registered rental car.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers received a hot tip from a local hero of ours about the arrest of a voter at the Hooksett Town Hall. We went to Hooksett and retrieved the arrest records.

As we researched Lewis, we found he was not a resident of Miami as he told Hooksett Police that night, but her was a resident of Miami Beach, Florida. He was also a Florida voter who voted early in October in that state as well as Georgia.

All this is documented in the dozens of radio interviews we did and the articles we wrote about Lewis back in late 2016, early 2017.

This indictment is a good example of how our lax election laws and strange interpretations of words involving election laws encourages people like Michael LaSean Lewis to come to NH to vote. This will be pointed out in more articles to come about this case and others we know of.

One indictment down – 5,000 more (just from 2016) non-resident voter indictments to go!