by Ed Naile

There is a cost for electing liberal political hacks to a school board, or committee, and a shining example of “hacknoxiousness” is sitting on the Manchester School Committee Board right now.

Enter one – Ward 2 Committeeman David Scannell. Does this “ward” title mean mental ward?
It looks like the standard, “Let’s Get Committeeman Rich Girard” once and for all, this time, setup.

Here is how I am reading it:

1. Empowered high school student starts her political career with a letter of support for a teacher raise in the current negotiations Girard is involved in.

2. Student gets some her talking points wrong in a ghost-written article published on a private school web site:

3. Girard responds on same non-school site – the student’s school email is exposed in the response through this process and the issue was part of a local cable TV program Girard operates – much to the contention of the school committee hacks. Girard removed the school email as soon as it was noticed.


4. This email exchange on a public forum triggers a letter from an attorney representing the empowered, alleged victim requiring legal representation, student saying Girard must stop referring to the student in emails or his cable program???

5. In steps School Committee hack David Scannell with both brain cells firing. He gets a look at the letter from a lawyer sent to the school committee member Girard and thinks Rich is in trouble.

6. “Someone” leaks it to the press to show how much trouble Rich Girard is in.


7. The political leak is much worse than the political hit and the leaker is now subject to an investigation by the committee.

8. Committee hack David Scannell admits he is the leaker before he is caught, and he comes up with a brilliant excuse for leaking.

Laugh track here…

9. Hackmaster Scannell admitted publicly he sent the email to various media, believing it was a public document because it was sent to all board members. This means Hackmaster Scannell “believes” all board members means – the general public. That pathetic statement by Scannell is proof of hackery – and that two brain cells thing.

10. The result of the whole ordeal leaves the student’s name in the public forum. She happens to be 18 years old and can vote – that is why Rich Girard was correcting some of her points on the private school web site.

11. Nice job David Scannell.

Now the squabbling and excuse generators slip into high gear at the old “Let’s Get Rich Girard This Time” meeting begins. Egg meet face.

And I have to wonder who else on the school committee were part of the Scannell self-humiliation simpleminded attempted assault that backfired? There is always a whisper team on any school board.
Like mark Twain said:

In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards.

– Following the Equator; Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar