by Ed Naile

John S. Fleming, DOB 5/6/1947, and his wife Grace E. Fleming, DOB 12/25/1947, have been charged by the NH Attorney General’s Office with voting in two states. The two states we know of are NH and, surprise, Massachusetts.

The Flemings have a home in Belchertown, Massachusetts on 16 Alden Ave, and voted there on November 8, 2016. The pair also voted from what appears to be a summer property in Hampton, NH.

Vision Appraisal, the firm Hampton, NH uses for property assessment has what appears to be a relative named John S. Fleming Jr. on file as co-owner.

How long have they been doing this, who knows – yet? Do they have NH driver’s licenses or Massachusetts licenses? Did they file MA state income taxes? Will Massachusetts prosecute them or take them off the Belchertown checklist? I am checking.

Where do the Flemings really live? That would be their residence, domicile, abode, permanent place of physical presence, choose one – they are all synonymous. Just check with OPINION of the JUSTICES a July 2018 ruling by the NH State Supreme Court that lays to rest the old resident/residence/domicile scam.

Thanks to the NH AG’s Office for catching these two vote fraudsters – who didn’t come to NH in a bus but did, it appears, come here to steal two votes. Now there are 5,311 more interstate voters from November 8, 2016 to go.