by Ed Naile

I see two of the New Hampshire State Supreme Court have almost put an end to our policy of letting out-of-state, unqualified voters determine our Federal elections.

The two others, Gary Hicks and Jimmy Bassett, should be removed from office for lack of enough common sense to be on any court.

The majority on our court finally found that out-of-state voters are prohibited from simply using New Hampshire as a fun place to vote – but not serve on a jury, register their car or dog, get a hunting/fishing license, or even a NH driver’s license. This decision took twenty years?

Our NH Supra majority quoted the Newburger v. Peterson case from 1972 as I have been doing since 2000. They also took the time to quote the relevant portion of the Federal Case, the part about out-of-state voters needing to abandon their previous domicile if they declare a new domicile here in New Hampshire.

The word “domicile” was finally defined as it is in 49 other US States and English speaking countries all around the World. Your domicile is your permanent legal address. Our New Hampshire Constitution requires a New Hampshire domicile for voting. What an incredible deduction.

The people who support voter fraud, including the two justices, Jimmy Barrett, and Gary Hicks can appeal to a Federal Court if they don’t like this NH Supra opinion.

Good luck boys. Go fetch Perkins-Coie.

Now we can get down to having the voter fraud supporters from the past, who still hold office or live in New Hampshire, explain a few things about what has been going on.

I will be covering what has been going on in New Hampshire for twenty years regarding letting out-of-state transients steal NH voters in a few more articles. It is still important.

Court Documents

Legislation HB 1264