New voter rights for “Super-enfranchised” student voters activist, Ben Kremer, DOB 02/02/1997 of 15 Goulart Drive in Bozrah, Connecticut 06334-1114 played our New Hampshire Governor like a one string banjo in this You Tube video:

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Super-enfranchised voter Ben Kremer had a small statement he wanted to deliver to our governor about how much he wanted to make sure his voting rights to be registered in two states were upheld.

Sadly, Governor Sununu agreed.

Here is how super-enfranchisement works…

Benjamin Charles Kremer of 63 Main St. Durham, NH, 326 Hetzel Hall 03824, voted on February 9, 2016 in our NH Presidential Primary.

He also voted on November 8, 2016 in our NH General Election.

Not one to be denied super-enfranchisement, “Man Bun Ben” also registered to vote in Bozrah, Connecticut on February 9, 2016. His Ct. voter ID # is 004469891.

He is listed as a current, active voter, although he has not voted in Ct., yet. Unlike a New Hampshire citizen who must have a domicile to vote, Man Bun Ben can simply take his Ct. driver’s license into Memorial Fields Hall in Bozrah and vote. Or he can illegally vote here in NH from 63 Main St, 326 Hetzel Hall, whatever kind of address that is.

I know Man Bun Ben is oppressed by the thought of having to pay a hundred American dollars get a NH driver’s license, but somehow, he doesn’t mind paying out of state tuition. That only makes sense to a super-enfranchised voter who wants to help a NH candidate like, for instance, Maggie Hassan.

According to the Bozrah Official I called — Susan Ververis – Registrar of Voters 860-889-2689 Ext. 209 — Man Bun Ben is still registered in his home town where his dad and sister are as well.

Super-enfranchised Man Bun Ben – Helping make NH a more liberal place to stay for a while.