by Ed Naile

New Hampshire’s policy of violating of State Constitution by letting non-residents vote here has just expanded to…now non-citizens can sit as jurors in Federal cases.

This is just what Judge Barbadaro concluded in this recent case:

United States of America v. Alfredo GonzalezCase No. 16-cr-162-12-PB Opinion No. 2018 DNH 086

We are expanding the phony argument that the word “resident,” not found in Part I Article 11 of the NH State Constitution, prevails over the original language, to a new even lower low. Now, out-of-state voters can simply use the, domicile is a “state of mind,” excuse to sit on a New Hampshire jury. All you need do is lie about where your legal residence and you can decide the fate of a NH citizen.

I think this makes us the only state in the country to adopt this new policy.

Maybe Judge Barbadao can explain how it is that if a NH citizen fails to show up for jury duty a County Sheriff will attempt to pick him up – but a non-citizen can lie his way onto a NH jury – no problem – no punishment.

You have to wonder how many times this has happened and if the NH ACLU will defend Mr. Gonzales because his request for a new trial was denied.

Here is the NH eJuror Questionnaire you can fill out from anywhere in the USA and sit on a NH jury in a Federal case:

We should stop asking for ID to serve on a jury to make it easier for non-citizens to serve on a NH jury – just like we do with voting.

Welcome to NH – open borders for all but legal residents.