We had an out-of-state resident serve on a NH jury in a Federal Drug Case.
See what happens when you let thousands of non-residents vote here?

The inevitable has happened. A legal resident of another state has served on
a New Hampshire jury and convicted someone of a crime.

The players in this slippery soap opera:

William Gardner, NH Secretary of State – can’t make up his mind what voter fraud looks like.

Anne Edwards, NH AG’s Office – Never prosecutes a case of voter fraud without a Blue Moon.

Bud Fitch, – Need I say more.

Kevin Landrigan, Fake News reporter

New cast member: Judge Paul Barbadaro, Federal Judge who is now stuck with a sloppy criminal
case because the actors listed above keep reciting their lines over and over in New Hampshire’s “Voter Fraud Follies.” The longest running play in Concord.

“But prior to his sentencing, Gonzalez’ lawyers sought a new trial after confirming one of his jurors, Jonathan Hatch, 27, was a resident of Boston.

U.S. District Judge Paul Barbadoro said prior to trial Hatch filled out jury questionnaires that should have rendered him ineligible to serve, but lawyers for both sides did not spot the problem or raise it in court.

“On the morning of jury selection, Hatch approached a member of the court’s jury staff and stated that he “kind of lives in New Hampshire and kind of not,”’ Barbadoro said.”

Judge denies new trial despite inclusion of ineligible juror